Climate Change: Turbulent Times for Air Cargo

Climate Change: Turbulent Times for Air Cargo

By In Industry News On 7th July 2023

Climate change is causing severe turbulence on one of the world’s busiest flying routes, according to DC Velocity. This situation is expected to have the greatest impact on the goods sector. Researchers from the University of Reading in the UK have made an alarming discovery: severe turbulence over the North Atlantic has increased by 55% over the last four decades (1979-2020). Unlike storm-related turbulence, rising temperatures have increased the occurrence of “clear air” turbulence, which is practically invisible to remote sensing tools. According to Mark Prosser, the study’s lead researcher, airlines will now have to devise measures to handle the increased cargo damage and aircraft wear and tear caused by this expanding turbulence. According to Prosser, the industry already bears an annual cost of $100-$150 million in the United States alone as a result of this issue.



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