NNR operate a global team of licensed customs brokers providing customs clearance and frontier declarations. We can also audit and advise on your classifications and processes in order for you to maintain the best cost base and continued compliance.

Customs Clearance Services

The NNR comprehensive network offers Customs declaration facilities to our clients. Our team of licensed and qualified, experienced Customs declarants provide assistance with simple or complex Customs clearance and declarations. Additionally NNR can provide a full Customs brokerage service.

Customs Brokerage

NNR recognises a significant difference between a Customs Declaration on behalf of our customers and providing Customs Brokerage services. Upon prior agreement, our expert team can review your products and apply for appropriate licences, rulings on commodity codes and negotiate all duty tariffs.

Customs Healthchecks

Should you require it, NNR has in-house expertise to review your current techniques and practices for customs declaration to ensure you are compliant. Customs healthchecks often may also highlight opportunities to challenge current duty tariffs being applied and, if overpayment is evident, apply for your refund.

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