NNR De Kendo: NNR Beijing Introduces Kids to the Exciting World of Japanese Kendo

NNR De Kendo: NNR Beijing Introduces Kids to the Exciting World of Japanese Kendo

By In Industry News On 3rd November 2023

At NNR Global Logistics, we're all about creating an inclusive and dynamic work environment for our team, and NNR Beijing’s recent initiative took this commitment a step further. On September 24, 2023, NNR Beijing teamed up with the China Sport Philately and Collection Association (CSPCA) & world-recognised CKOU®Kendo to host a unique event – the Japanese Kendo Experience. This event not only provided our employees' children with a fun and educational day but also aimed to introduce Chinese youth to Japanese sports and culture.

A total of 14 children, belonging to the families of our employees in NNR Beijing and NNR Tianjin branch, joined us for this memorable day. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Ichii, a Kendo master with a 7 Dan ranking, the kids delved into the world of Kendo. They learned the fundamental rules and etiquette that define this captivating sport.

However, this wasn't a typical classroom setting. The children were treated to compelling martial arts performances and engaging videos that gave them a real sense of what Kendo is all about. They didn't just watch; they actively participated in Kendo exercises that allowed them to experience the sport hands-on.

The most exciting part for the kids was when they got to handle bamboo swords. With enthusiastic shouts, they took swings at Kendo instructors in protective gear. The event reached its climax as the children aimed at balloons attached to the instructors' masks. Laughter and joy filled the room.

This introduction to Kendo left a lasting impression on the young participants. Many of them expressed a strong desire to continue exploring Kendo, captivated by its unique blend of discipline, excitement, and teamwork.

The resounding success of our first NNR Beijing Kendo event has inspired us to make it an annual tradition. Our aim is to provide more Chinese youth with the chance to discover and embrace this remarkable sport. We're not just about logistics; we're about enhancing lives and introducing our community to incredible experiences, one Kendo strike at a time.

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