Integrity is at the heart of everything we do and underpins the reputation, authority and trust of NNR as a business. NNR fosters an environment for trust and demands best practice throughout from top to bottom of our organisation.

Consistency in authority

Within NNR, integrity is assured. The audit trail for compliance and review of decisions made is easy to track as many senior employees at NNR have spent their entire career with the company. Operating honestly, fairly and legally provides a foundation that produces the best from everyone.

Trust of the community

The Nishitetsu Group, our parent company, has always operated businesses that are closely connected with daily life in the community. As a Group we will continue to provide products and services that respond to trust and expectation of our customers.

Whistleblower system

Our group has established ‘whistleblower’ contact points inside and outside the company which can be used by all executives and employees of our group to report violations of our compliance policies.

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