NNR take a pro-active approach to quality control across all areas of the organisation and in all countries of operation. This structures our business practices, drives our continuous improvement and enables us to react swiftly and effectively.

Quality around the world

Policy dictates that each NNR company should adopt a Quality Management System (QMS) to control all business practices. We constantly review and update our control systems to ensure ‘best practice’ and continuous improvement. NNR subsidiaries hold a variety of quality based accreditations including endorsements from professional standards, such as AEO, ISO, etc.

A pro-active approach

Our ‘Quality & Environmental Issues’ recording programme enables us to swiftly review and rectify any areas of concern. Any ‘Issue’ must be addressed and preventative measures are agreed to avoid potential dissatisfaction in the future or close the potential for error. We share these reports with our customers.

Your feedback is vital

Every day we visit our customers in person and ask for feedback on our products and customer service. Each month our quality processes are reviewed by our management team, with our staff and suggested areas for change or improvement are documented. We produce and publish statistics on our performance to share with our staff, stakeholders and partners on an annual basis.

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