Global IT Platform

We can help you optimize your business with our technology platform.

NNR continues to invest heavily in development of our own software to support global supply chains. Use our tools to improve service levels, reduce lead times, right size your inventory, and reduce your end-to-end supply chain costs.


vNEXT PowerNET is the proprietary enterprise software developed by NNR for NNR. Operating our own software allows us to rapidly respond to customer needs and deliver highly customized transportation solutions. Our technology platform provides the benefits of a global footprint without losing sight of customers’ individual requirements.

NNR Connect / VidereSCM

NNR Connect (formally called VidereSCM) is a suite of web applications developed by NNR to help our customers leverage their supply chain data for continuous improvement. Use our tools for supply chain visibility, purchase order management and business intelligence.

vSMART blockchain /customization

Each of our customers has a unique supply chain and NNR recognises the need for amazing IT solutions that are tailored to fit the way they operate.  NNR’s technology platform makes it possible for us to develop customized applications that can be quickly plugged into our global infrastructure.

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