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Europe's Ports Stay Afloat amidst Delay and Congestion Concerns

Container hub ports in Northern Europe seem to be handling the arrival of a group of ships from Asia well, despite delays from being rerouted around the African coast.[...]

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Sustainable Shipping: Trends and Innovations

CMA CGM has received the first vessel from a series of 2,000 TEU feeder vessels, indicating a proactive approach to attracting cargo from trucks and promoting a shift from road to sea transport.[...]

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NNR Expands Customs Clearance Services to Kumamoto Airport

NNR has just hit a significant milestone as the first forwarder to leverage the bonded warehouse at Kumamoto Airport for import and export customs clearance.[...]

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A Shift Towards Diversification in Food Supply Chains

To make the world's food supply stronger and more secure, food shippers and retailers are spearheading initiatives to diversify sourcing locations. Recognising the vulnerabilities associated with concentrated production, industry leaders are championing a shift towards a more robust and diversified[...]

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Potential Capacity Crunch Hits North European Container Ports

North European container ports are on the brink of a potential capacity shortage in early February as a fleet of alliance vessels from Asia, previously rerouted around Africa, approaches the Channel.[...]

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An Update on Logistics Amidst the Red Sea Crisis

As the Red Sea Crisis persists, we would like to keep you informed about the ongoing developments that may affect your shipments and logistics operations.Red Sea Disruptions Following the recent announcements by the carriers regarding the suspension of voyages through[...]

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IATA Highlights Key Priorities for Air Cargo in 2024

In a media presentation at its headquarters in Geneva last week, IATA (International Air Transport Association) identified digitalisation, sustainability, safety, and security as focal points for the air cargo sector in the coming year.[...]

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Key Changes in Air Transportation of Lithium-ion Batteries

In a recent development at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) dangerous goods panel meeting, a consensus was reached to implement a State of Charge (SoC) requirement of 30% for a broader range of lithium-ion batteries during air transportation.[...]

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Shipping Prepares for 'Polluter Pays' in EU ETS

With the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) set to become law in just over a month, the shipping sector is grappling with the implementation of the 'polluter pays' principle.[...]

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