NNR Videre is a suite of web applications developed by NNR to help our customers leverage their supply chain data for continuous improvement. Use VidereSCM for supply chain visibility, purchase order management and business intelligence.

Freight Manager

A supply chain visibility tool for NNR customers. Use Freight Manager to track shipments, view on-hand inventory and manage your freight bills. All visibility is powered by linking to your account in NNR PowerNET. Available exclusively to NNR customers worldwide.

Supply Manager

A high value, low cost Purchase Order Management tool which supports collaboration between buyers and their suppliers. Load your PO data with a standard Excel template or an EDI feed and set the order management workflow in motion. Suppliers will receive email alerts guiding them to register for an account. Then they can update production milestones, enter bookings and assign them to the origin forwarder. The end result is complete order-to-delivery visibility down to a SKU level.

Enterprise Manager

A cloud supply chain visibility and business intelligence platform. Enterprise Manager provides neutral visibility across transportation providers, instant supply chain search and supply chain analytics to optimize your business. Browse over 40 premade dashboards related to Shipments, Orders, Inventory, Costs, or Customs. Or create your own dashboards and zoom from high level KPIs down to individual transactions.

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