Each of our customers has a unique supply chain and NNR recognises the need for amazing IT solutions that are tailored to fit the way they operate.  NNR’s technology platform makes it possible for us to develop customized applications that can be quickly plugged into our global infrastructure.

Off the shelf solutions

NNR often integrates with off the shelf software packages as part of a customer supply chain solution. NNR complements is own software suite with packages available through trusted partners, such as the sophisticated ‘SCALE’ WMS system developed by Manhattan Associates.

EDI protocols

NNR has implemented a world class data integration platform that allows us to centrally implement, manage and monitor data interchanges with customers all over the world. We support integration points starting with the initial purchase order through to final invoicing and freight payment. Our integration projects follow a structured project management methodology to ensure we meet deliverables within the fastest timeframe possible.

Systems development

NNR has two centres of excellence, in Japan and the United States. Both teams consist of highly skilled technology professionals who are constantly leading the race for enhancements and new software solutions that provide an advantage to both NNR and our customers.

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