NNR is a global company operating at a local level across the world. Building strategic partnerships that work hand in hand with NNR corporate protocols over many years enhances our strength, consistency, knowledge and expertise.

Global consistency

Our ethos is to appreciate and support partnerships and blend that with a successful, proven management style ensuring consistency on both a corporate and local level. NNR partners are selected to ensure consistency is guaranteed wherever you may be situated.

Global reach, local touch

Strategic network partnerships operate to a proven formula that includes an NNR management, sales, and customer service team supporting the local operations. We regularly measure and monitor performance to ensure our local teams are meeting both customer and our own expectations.

Emerging markets

To compete on a truly global platform it is necessary to have strong partners and collaborations in certain sectors, particularly in emerging markets. Strategic network partners operate on a contracted, licenced basis with NNR and enjoy easy access to our global PowerNET IT platform maintaining visibility of all transactions.

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