A Stellar Addition: Mr. Yuta Shitara, Long-Distance Runner, Teams Up with NNR for a Winning Combination

A Stellar Addition: Mr. Yuta Shitara, Long-Distance Runner, Teams Up with NNR for a Winning Combination

By In Industry News On 14th July 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news of Mr. Yuta Shitara, one of Japan's most accomplished long-distance runners, joining our esteemed Nishitetsu Athletic Club on July 1st, 2023.

Mr. Shitara has an outstanding reputation for regularly showcasing his great talent and commitment in the realm of student track and field. Notably, he won the sectional prize at the Hakone Ekiden for incredible three consecutive years. Building on his success, he then joined Honda, a renowned works team in Japan, where he maintained his winnings by winning the sectional prize at New Year Ekiden three years in a row.

His exceptional abilities earned him the honour of representing Japan in both the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. In 2018, Mr. Shitara set a new Japanese marathon record, stunning the world with his remarkable time of 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 11 seconds. He has been at the forefront of Japanese long-distance running ever since, establishing himself as a true leader in the field.

We are truly honoured to welcome Mr. Shitara to the Nishitetsu Athletic Club. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Nishitetsu Athletic Club. With a current team size of 13 exceptional members, their collective aim is to secure a top 8 placement in the highly esteemed New Year Ekiden. In addition to these athletic activities, the team actively engages in contributing to the local society by hosting sports classes and promoting health management, thereby supporting the revitalisation of the people both inside and outside the company. We firmly believe that Mr. Shitara's addition to our team will not only amplify our overall strength but also strengthen the bonding power of the Nishitetsu Group.

Mr. Shitara has joined NNR Global Logistics and is primarily based in Tokyo. We are delighted to share that he will also be actively involved in social contribution activities, including participating in sports classes in Fukuoka. We are confident that his participation in these initiatives will make a profound and positive impact on the communities we engage with.

Stay connected for updates on our upcoming activities as we embark on this exhilarating new chapter with Mr. Shitara as an integral part of our exceptional team.

Comment from Mr. Shitara:

“I, Yuta Shitara, am pleased to announce that I have joined Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. and will be a member of the Nishitetsu Athletic Club. I’m very grateful to the company for allowing me to take on this new challenge. In Nishitetsu Athletic Club, in order to achieve the team’s biggest goal of “breaking the all-time highest ranking in the New Year Ekiden”, I would like to contribute not only by me running but also by supporting the younger team members to grow with my experience. As an individual, I will aim to win a sectional prize in the New Year Ekiden by participating in the 2025 World Championships in Tokyo and breaking my personal best in the marathon. I greatly appreciate the continued support from the Nishitetsu Athletic Club.”

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