Beyond Football: QPR’s Tiger Cubs join forces with NNR Global Logistics

Beyond Football: QPR’s Tiger Cubs join forces with NNR Global Logistics

By In Industry News On 8th August 2023

In London, UK, NNR Global Logistics have been revealed as the front-of-shirt sponsor for the remarkable Tiger Cubs, a football team for young people with Down's syndrome that proudly represents QPR.

Following the success of the Charity Football Match, NNR Global Logistics and the Tiger Cubs are joining forces, bringing shared values and passion to the upcoming 23/24 season. It's going to be an incredible journey filled with purpose and unity like never before! With immense pride and enthusiasm, the Tiger Cubs will wear the NNR Global Logistics logo on the front of their shirts throughout the exciting 23/24 season.

Lee Griffiths, NNR UK’s president, said, “This partnership extends far beyond mere sponsorship; it symbolises a deep-rooted commitment to a truly worthy cause that NNR have supported since the inception of our collaboration with QPR. As for NNR, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn't just a checkbox on a list—it's at the core of our being and values, driven by the conviction of being a ‘good corporate citizen’. Embracing the Tiger Cubs Programme is an absolute honour for NNR Global Logistics, as we are determined to make a lasting impact on the lives of these incredible individuals and their families, who face extraordinary challenges with remarkable courage each day.

The camaraderie between NNR and QPR runs deep, extending beyond the Tiger Cubs to another part of the club—the QPR Women FC. Together, NNR and QPR are not only changing the game on the field but also leaving an indelible mark on society, empowering individuals from all walks of life.

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