Sustainable Shipping: Trends and Innovations

Sustainable Shipping: Trends and Innovations

By In Industry News On 16th February 2024

CMA CGM has received the first vessel from a series of 2,000 TEU feeder vessels, indicating a proactive approach to attracting cargo from trucks and promoting a shift from road to sea transport.

The LNG-powered CMA CGM Mermaid signifies a departure in recent vessel design, transitioning towards larger vessels.

Despite current understanding of naval architecture being against them, the fore-mounted bridge, a feature common to many of the newest container ships, enables the vessel to benefit from improved aerodynamics and a higher loading capacity. CMA CGM anticipates that its bow shape will also result in approximately 15% fuel savings.

A 2,000 TEU feeder vessel emits about one-tenth the CO2 per tonne-mile compared to 2,000 trucks and does not add to traffic congestion.

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