Discovering the Depths of Maritime Logistics: NNR UK Explores the Hapag-Lloyd’s Vessel

Discovering the Depths of Maritime Logistics: NNR UK Explores the Hapag-Lloyd’s Vessel

By In Industry News On 12th October 2023

At NNR Global Logistics, our commitment to building strong carrier relationships over the years has consistently proven to be a rewarding endeavour. We're excited to share a remarkable experience that unfolded in September 2023 when a few of our NNR UK team members had the privilege of visiting the Hapag-Lloyd’s vessel, Valparaiso Express, docked at the London Gateway port. This incredible opportunity was made possible through our valued contacts at Hapag-Lloyd and DP World, demonstrating the power of well-established partnerships in the logistics industry.

As we stepped foot onto the terminal, we were greeted warmly by the DP World representative, Jamie, who efficiently guided us through the port's security protocols. Dressed in full personal protective equipment (PPE), including Hi-Viz outfits, boots, hard hats, and gloves, we were well-prepared for our adventure.

Our DP World host graciously escorted us on a tour of the port, providing insights into the meticulous entry and exit procedures followed by truck drivers when handling container drop-offs and pickups. This behind-the-scenes glimpse into the logistics of the operation was an informative tour.

The highlight of our visit was the opportunity to explore the Valparaiso Express itself. Our journey began with a climb up the gangway, which seemed to stretch endlessly. The vessel was positioned high above the water due to the incoming tide, resulting in an unusually long gangway.

Once on board, we were welcomed into the officer’s lounge, where we had the pleasure of meeting the Captain, Mr. Marcel GRUETZNER and Chief Officer, Mr. Christopher ROHDEN. After a brief introduction, the Chief Officer graciously guided us on an extensive tour of the 11,519 TEU vessel. This exploration took us through various sections of the ship, including a rare visit to the cargo hold area, and even led us down to the engine room. To our amazement, we discovered that the vessel even boasts amenities such as a gym and a swimming pool.

Our journey continued as we ascended to the bridge, where the captain offered us valuable insights into the daily processes and procedures involved in operating the vessel. It was a truly enlightening experience that provided us with a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of maritime logistics.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Hapag-Lloyd for their facilitation of this unforgettable experience and to the captain for accommodating our visit. This opportunity has reinforced our commitment to fostering strong partnerships in the logistics industry and has given us a newfound appreciation for the complexities and dedication that drive the global supply chain.

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