Enhancing Efficiency, Mitigating Risks & Managing Costs in Aviation Logistics

The Opportunity: The demand for aircraft maintenance materials, such as engines and landing gear, has significantly increased with the resumption of flights following the pandemic. This increased demand has presented a golden opportunity for aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) companies, which have witnessed a substantial surge in order volume. In a shining example of… Continue reading Enhancing Efficiency, Mitigating Risks & Managing Costs in Aviation Logistics

Powering The Automotive Future: A Supply Chain Success Story

The Challenge: For nearly a decade, NNR Global Logistics has been entrusted with the critical task of overseeing the production of magnets for a world-leading EV manufacturer. Our team at NNR Netherlands expertly manages the transportation of these magnets from Japan to the Netherlands, utilising air or ocean freight. However, in compliance with the stringent Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), the magnets are… Continue reading Powering The Automotive Future: A Supply Chain Success Story

Temperature-controlled Freight Solution for a Global Geotechnical Expert

The Challenge: In order to improve the success rate of testing and promptly produce accurate report results, our customer, a global geotechnical expert, needed a faster way to send sediment samples from the United Kingdom to Australia. The Strategy and the Solution: 1. Efficiency: NNR expedited the delivery of this project under time constraints by liaising… Continue reading Temperature-controlled Freight Solution for a Global Geotechnical Expert

Air Cargo Transportation: Efficiency is NNR’s middle name


The Challenge: To create a time-specific solution for ‘out of gauge’ cargo, with premium service levels. The Strategy: 1. Efficiency: Simplify communication between the customer and our premium airline partner keeping in mind the potential demand, particularly, airfreight during the forthcoming FIFA world cup. 2. Risk Management: Cover the fundamentals such as security screening & ensuring… Continue reading Air Cargo Transportation: Efficiency is NNR’s middle name

Refreshingly different

Making the best company in the World. My dear colleagues, Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for launching our new NNR Global Website and social media activities. This surely can be the platform where all NNR family members and our valued customers and associates will easily and widely communicate with each other. Here… Continue reading Refreshingly different

Power with control

NNR provided specialized support for Ocean freight services for our long-standing and valued customer who specialise in automotive and industrial battery design, manufacture and sales. NNR manages shipments by Ocean freight from Asia to customers and distributors throughout Europe, supporting the management of inventory levels and warehouse capacity by utilising appropriate sailings. Dynamic supply includes… Continue reading Power with control

Expansion with balance

NNR awarded UKWA BEST NEW MEMBER 2015 “The warehouse was immaculate; their paperwork faultless, and their ambition clear” 2014 was an interesting year for NNR Global Logistics. The group has been organically growing globally for over 100 years which in itself is fairly unique in today’s world. 2014 produced record results for the group, achieved… Continue reading Expansion with balance

Reversing ones fortunes

NNR had previously and successfully marketed to our customer the ability to control and co-ordinate the reverse logistics requirement of their industrial division. NNR provide a centralised programme that transports all components to London for cross-docking. This process enables singular customs clearance costs at the destination and benefits from the removal of minimum transportation charges… Continue reading Reversing ones fortunes

Stand and deliver

NNR received an enquiry for a transportation solution for a huge exhibition stand to be utilized during the Shanghai International Motor Show in Shanghai, China. Preliminary estimates on size were more than a little conservative! Initially our solution was based upon 18 tonnes and approximately 150 cubic metres of cargo. Almost one month later, we… Continue reading Stand and deliver

A touch of glass

NNR received an interesting opportunity subsequent to NNR engaging with a new potential customer that had an issue on the horizon with a supply and demand predicament. Our customers business had successfully deployed a promotional campaign in Australasia whereby retail outlets rewarded consumers with gifts based upon their purchasing ratios. The products were in extremely… Continue reading A touch of glass

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