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Industry Requirements

The semiconductor supply chain demands thorough services. With our top-tier solutions, we stand as your trusted global partner with a proven track record.

Impact During Transportation

Due to their sensitivity to vibrations and impact, semiconductors demand specialised transportation methods and stringent packaging and handling procedures to ensure utmost protection.


Precision Delivery Assurance

For accurate and on-time delivery, advanced tracking systems and stringent logistics processes are necessary to ensure shipments reach their intended destination, seamlessly.


Temperature Control Issues

Temperature-controlled transportation is needed to safeguard semiconductor components throughout the supply chain process.


Spare Part Management 

Efficient inventory control management and timely delivery of spare parts are paramount for semiconductor operations, minimising any potential disruptions.


Insufficient Expertise

Closing logistical gaps and ensuring seamless operations require not just industry knowledge, but also invaluable insights.


Building Global Networks

To ensure seamless connectivity in facilitating efficient supply chain operations, it is essential to establish a robust global logistics network. 


our services

Semiconductor Solutions

Discover NNR's sector-specific advantages through our exceptional services, guaranteeing satisfaction and bolstering your path to success.

  • Global Delivery and Storage
    • NNR provides complete transportation and storage solutions for finished products, wafers, and parts on a global scale.

  • Extensive Track Record
  • Management Services
  • High-Quality Logistics Services
  • Unmatched Industry Expertise
  • Temperature-Controlled Support


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