industry challenges

Industry Requirements

In the face of multifaceted challenges, NNR’s logistics solutions continue to evolve, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

Security Concerns

In the dynamic aerospace and aviation industry, security remains a top concern globally. It therefore necessitates prioritising safety and integrity of valuable assets, ensuring a secure supply chain.


Time Sensitivity

It is essential to mitigate delays in the movement of essential parts since time is of the essence in aviation.


Large Materials Handling and Storage

The aerospace sector's diverse components, varying widely in size, pose challenges in handling, inspecting, and storing them.


Raw Material Sourcing Complexity

The aerospace supply chain grapples with task of sourcing diverse raw materials globally with added complexities like trade agreements. 


Environmental Regulations and Sustainability 

Logistics must adhere to eco-friendly practices, prioritising environmental sustainability amidst stringent regulations.


Dynamic Regulatory Landscape 

Operating within the aerospace industry's dynamic regulatory landscape demands a proactive approach, emphasising the importance of adapting to evolving regulations at both domestic and international levels.


NNR Edge

Features Offered By NNR

Your success is our priority, with our global reach and unwavering commitment, NNR is ready to elevate your logistics experience to new heights.

  • Flexible Services, Customised For Unique Needs
    • Tailored solutions cater to your precise aerospace logistics needs. Our buyers consolidation service offers comprehensive features: detailed summary sheets, inspection services with cargo photos, immediate arrival notices, complete online tracking, and repackaging options for air and ocean freight.

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Staff
  • Dedicated Control Tower
  • Technology Feed and Tracking Visibility
  • Oversize / Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo Shipping
  • Secure Shipments
  • Packing and crafting
  • Dangerous Good
  • AOG / Carson Warehouse 
  • Temperature Control


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