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10 August 2015

NNR received an enquiry for a transportation solution for a huge exhibition stand to be utilized during the Shanghai International Motor Show in Shanghai, China.

Preliminary estimates on size were more than a little conservative! Initially our solution was based upon 18 tonnes and approximately 150 cubic metres of cargo. Almost one month later, we received a refined request for the same transaction which required confirmed pricing with transit time guarantees. This estimation stated more accurate particulars which projected ten times more weight and double the size at 180 tonnes at a whopping 260 cubic metres.

NNR’s dynamic packing and logistics solution was accepted and much careful planning ensued until the actual date of commencement a further month on. The planning included visits to the customer in Japan to agree the process and visits from the customer in Japan to consult with NNR regarding Customs, packaging and crucial safety aspects.

Operations commenced on Friday morning. NNR arranged cranes and lift-trucks to suit and the deployment of six 45-foot Tautliner vehicles with removable roofs to complete the task. The process included the unpacking of 90 metres of steel frame and 25 metres of steel bases ranging up to 11 metres long each.

The following day, [Saturday] our expert packing team arrived on site and worked through the evening to ensure we remained on course for a finish the following evening. On Sunday morning it became clear that some items, now packed, were even larger and heavier than originally estimated. NNR provided an additional vehicle to cater for the extra demand.

On Monday morning, senior management from both NNR and the customer attended the site to witness the loading and dispatch. The first item to move was the largest at 10 tonnes in one piece. All crates were then loaded in accordance to our Method Statement and Health and Safety guidelines. All 29 pieces were loaded by 5pm and the shipment departed, destined for the chosen airport of departure in continental Europe.

The schedule was to uplift the cargo daily, to synchronize with the build requirement at the destination. NNR remained in attendance throughout the 5 day period and all pieces arrived in Shanghai absolutely to schedule to give comfort to our customer and the engineers who had flown to China to build the stand.

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