Temperature-controlled Freight Solution for a Global Geotechnical Expert

1 February 2023

The Challenge:

In order to improve the success rate of testing and promptly produce accurate report results, our customer, a global geotechnical expert, needed a faster way to send sediment samples from the United Kingdom to Australia.

The Strategy and the Solution:

1. Efficiency:

NNR expedited the delivery of this project under time constraints by liaising with Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service to complete the necessary import documentation.

2. Risk Management:

NNR provided a multi-modal transport solution that was temperature-controlled and avoided damage to the sediment samples during the journey. We understand handling temperature-controlled items requires extra effort and expertise. NNR ensured the highest standards of care for the product and import authorizations due to the sensitive nature of the product. This also included security screening at both ends and following strict handling procedures due to the incorporation of vibration & temperature data loggers.

3. Cost Management:

NNR provided a cost-effective solution including the design of box sizes to help minimize freight expenses.

The Result:

In this case, our expertise in Good Distribution Practice for the transportation of medicines was directly applied to assess risk and reduce contamination. Our special project team oversaw the entire process, ensuring that the shipment arrived on time and at the specified temperature of 5° Celsius.

We helped the customer in moving sensitive sediment samples overcoming the challenges with a safe and reliable, yet cost-effective freight solution. Through our dedication & determination, we were able to achieve a successful outcome within the lease period for the special equipment.

With experience in international freight shipping, NNR can provide a multi-modal solution that meets your needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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