A touch of glass

10 August 2015

NNR received an interesting opportunity subsequent to NNR engaging with a new potential customer that had an issue on the horizon with a supply and demand predicament.

Our customers business had successfully deployed a promotional campaign in Australasia whereby retail outlets rewarded consumers with gifts based upon their purchasing ratios. The products were in extremely high demand and the logistics requirement was further stretched due to the additional quantities of ‘Gratis’ gifts required.

Our (soon to be) customer had planned on stock replenishment by ocean freight however the demand was too great and therefore we were asked to produce a solution by air freight.

The emergency shipment consisted of approximately 14 tonnes of glassware. Not ideal for transhipment but somewhat unavoidable due to the location at both origin and destination.

Our investigations began in France where the cargo was residing at the manufacturing facility. We could not obtain sufficient capacity or a suitable price for our customer by flying the shipment directly from France and therefore we searched for alternatives.

Our primary proposal became to transit the cargo via the UK where we had negotiated both capacity with a price that was preferable for the customer.

The following day, NNR arranged for five air-ride trucks to transport the goods from the manufacturing site in France to NNR in London Heathrow. Upon arrival at London Heathrow our team arranged for re-packing to ensure the shipment was suitably protected for carriage by air. Airline bookings were made spanning over 5 days and on each of those days NNR attended in the early hours to ensure the cargo was expedited safely.

Within seven days from the original notion, all cargo was safely delivered to the customer, some 12,000 miles away.

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