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Our values of expertise and commitment manifest in proactive quality control, devoted customer satisfaction, and a profound sense of integrity. Prioritising environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and robust risk management, we continuously work towards a secure and eco-friendly future. Our main focus centres on “connecting your dreams” through refining services, contributing to society and elevating corporate value through our kaizen-based philosophy.


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Discover the sincere reflections and camaraderie shared by the NNR teams, reflecting the essence of our collective journey and triumphs.


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Career Opportunities

Explore opportunities ranging from Traineeships and Freight Forwarding roles to positions in IT, Business Development, Warehouse Management, Key Account Management, and more.

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Discover a diverse range of career advancement and personal growth prospects available within NNR Global Logistics, and fine-tune your skills and aspirations.

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Access an array of exclusive perks designed to enrich your professional journey and elevate your overall well-being, reinforcing your status as a cherished member of our team.

Application Process

Take the first step toward joining our dynamic team by expressing your interest through the form, and we’ll reach out if we have a suitable opportunity for you.



    asked questions

    • How can I join the NNR's team?
      • If you feel you have the skills and talent to be part of the NNR team, let us know! The bar is high though. Suitability requires the ability to be creative but pragmatic. To be a wiNNR, you need to be customer centric and an expert in problem solving. Our staff are cultured to give first and take second and to be respectful to others at all times. If you display these characteristics, get in touch!

    • Are there opportunities for professional development and growth within the team?
      • There certainly is. We like to think that a wiNNR has a job for life and NNR can map that career with you, appreciating strengths and weaknesses and supporting development with training and coaching. We adopt a promote-from-within philosophy; the vast majority of our senior management began their career with NNR.

    • What makes our team unique, and how do we celebrate diversity and inclusivity within our workforce?
      • We believe that wiNNR's are unique; the chosen few. We make great efforts to break stereotypes and encourage change, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. We celebrate employee milestones - both professional and personal - and truly appreciate the dedication of so many employees who spend their working lives with NNR and grow in harmony with you.

    • What qualities and values define our team members and contribute to our workplace culture?
      • Diverse and proactive, our team blends commitment, integrity, and adaptability. Rooted in Nishitetsu Group's legacy, we foster a culture of excellence, trust, and sustainable growth. Embodying team spirit, teamwork, and a kaizen-based philosophy, we strengthen our logistics business and build meaningful relationships.

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    Building on a century-old legacy, Nishitetsu Group is committed to a sustainable future. Guided by our corporate philosophy, we deliver confidence, comfort, and enjoyment to all.