Committed to a Sustainable future

Sustainability Report

This report details our sustainability journey, outlining our goals, strategies, and initiatives to drive positive change and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations


This materiality assessment identifies and prioritizes the economic, environmental, and social issues most significant to our stakeholders and business operations.

Sustainable Practices

Implementing Earth-Conscious and Responsible Practices


As a global logistics company, NNR embraces a profound mission; safeguarding the environment for future generations. Environmental management is instituted as a common management practice, guiding our operations worldwide.

In our dedication to creating a sustainable future, we are firmly committed to reducing emissions by half and actively spearheading initiatives to restore and protect nature. Embracing change, we prioritise transparency, openly disclosing information to catalyse social transformation. By calculating and mitigating our carbon footprint, we are forging a path toward a thriving economy that benefits both people and the planet.

Our vision extends beyond mere operations; at NNR, we actively engage diverse stakeholders—employees, partners, and customers—to collaborate with us in implementing programmes aimed at reducing environmental impact and conserving nature, for bluer skies and a greener biodiversity.


In our pursuit of social responsibility, NNR actively engages in initiatives that foster positive impact and community growth. From supporting local communities to empowering our employees, our social endeavours are guided by the conviction that business success should enhance the welfare and progress of society as a whole. We aspire to grow in harmony with you!

We respect the diversity of our employees and conduct “people-oriented management” that enables them to experience the joy of working and fulfilment of their lives. We work to promote the development and success of our people so that each and every one of them can be motivated and demonstrate their abilities to generate new value and innovation.

We promote business activities that respect human rights by deepening proper understanding of human rights issues and the responsibilities that companies must fulfil, and by engaging in dialogue with various stakeholders and providing human rights training for employees.


Under NNR’s sustainability initiatives, our governance practices adhere to the principles of ISO1 14001 and other such standards, featuring clearly defined environmental objectives to elevate performance.

Through regular meetings and audits, we diligently gather data, fostering transparency and accountability by sharing feedback with stakeholders.

To measure our carbon footprint accurately, NNR has deployed advanced tools for internal assessments and external reporting. These tools empower strategic planning aimed at minimising environmental impact across our operations and for our valued customers.

We actively optimise transport routes and routines to enhance consolidation, reduce mileage, and thereby significantly decrease CO2 emissions.

Embracing Sustainbility

NNR's Commitment to a Responsible Future

Reducing Emissions

NNR Global Logistics Division is committed to decarbonizing the supply chain, partnering with global entities to address the logistics sector's substantial greenhouse gas emissions.

Reliable services

Our mission is to safely and reliably deliver customer goods, continually enhancing international logistics services to meet global demand.

Innovating Logistics through DX

NNR innovates logistics through digitalisation, enhancing efficiency and delivering new value to customers by transforming the movement of goods.

Respecting Human Rights

NNR is committed to upholding human rights across its global operations and supply chain, actively preventing and addressing any negative impacts on this front.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

NNR prioritises equality, diversity, and inclusion globally, fostering an inclusive workplace where diverse individuals collaborate effectively to meet the varied needs of our business, associates, and clients.

Fair and Honest Business Practices

Upholding fairness and honesty is central to NNR. We focus on compliance, including robust information security controls, and promote fair business practices across our international locations.

Sustainable Commitment


NNR CO2 Calculator is a tool that calculates CO2 emitted by air, sea and overland transportation. You can check CO2 emissions by entering your departure locations, arrival locations, cargo volume and transport mode.



asked questions

  • Does burning SAF emit CO2?
    • Yes, burning Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) does produce CO2. However, what’s unique about SAF is the CO2 emitted during combustion is offset by the CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth of the plants used in its production. This cycle results in an approximate 80% reduction in overall CO2 emissions compared to traditional aviation fuels.

  • Can you provide a visual perspective on 1 ton of CO2?
    • Certainly! In terms of volume, 1 ton of CO2 is equivalent to the volume of a 25m swimming pool.

  • What about the environmental impact of CO2 absorption?
    • It takes significant effort from nature – approximately 71 cedar trees – to absorb the same amount of CO2 emitted in one year.

  • How do personal choices impact CO2 emissions?
    • According to the Japanese Ministry of Environment, using your own bottle 100 times results in lower CO2 emissions per use compared to plastic cups, paper cups, and PET bottles. This calculation considers the entire life cycle, including disposal.

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