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Global IT Excellence

NNR's robust IT infrastructure powers seamless global operations, ensuring real-time information flow across the NNR network.

Innovative Software Solutions

We invest significantly in proprietary software development, empowering your supply chain with tools to boost service levels, trim lead times, optimise inventory, and minimise end-to-end costs.

Data-Driven Quality

NNR pioneers technology to enable seamless cargo movement and drive impactful change through data analysis and process refinement, ensuring unparalleled service quality worldwide.

Delivering confidence, comfort & enjoyment for over 100 years

Experience our enduring commitment to providing unparalleled comprehensive solutions.

NNR connect

Dedicated to facilitating a seamless collaboration with our ever-evolving software suite.


Our technology platform seamlessly integrates a global footprint, ensuring unparalleled service, tailored to your needs.

Customised IT solutions

Each customer has a unique supply chain with distinct needs demanding IT solutions that fit the way they operate.

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Stay abreast of the latest industry insights in the dynamic world of logistics. Uncover trends and track pivotal developments that directly influence your supply chain operations.



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