Air Cargo Transportation: Efficiency is NNR’s middle name

22 December 2022

The Challenge:

To create a time-specific solution for ‘out of gauge’ cargo, with premium service levels.

The Strategy:

1. Efficiency:

Simplify communication between the customer and our premium airline partner keeping in mind the potential demand, particularly, airfreight during the forthcoming FIFA world cup.

2. Risk Management:

Cover the fundamentals such as security screening & ensuring the vehicle is safe for transportation via air. This solution design included building and lashing the tractor frame onto an airline pallet in line with aviation safety requirements, validating Security and Dangerous Goods documentation, and ensuring Health & Safety protocols were adhered to, given the added complexity of the size of the vehicle.

3. Cost Management:

To offer a solution design that provides a robust and time-defined service using a cost-effective deferred airfreight service with a premium airline partner of NNR.

The Solution and the Result:

We shipped a 4-tonne tractor from the United Kingdom to India using our partner airline, Qatar Airways Cargo. Our Special Services team managed the process from start to finish ensuring the tractor frame was built, safely placed onto a specialised aircraft pallet and transported to its final destination. Our stringent process demanded the cargo was prepared for transit with security declarations checked and dangerous goods regulations followed, ensuring the health & safety of both our in-house team and our airline partner staff.

Maintaining regular and transparent communication between the airline partner and the customer was key to making this a success. With careful planning and consideration throughout the process, we delivered to our customer’s expectations.

NNR’s Specialist Services team and Air Freight teams are dedicated to providing a complete end-to-end solution for your air freight requirements. We have an understanding of the complexities of air freight, accumulated over decades, and we work with our partners to ensure that every aspect of the cargo is looked after during its journey. When compared to conventional means of shipping, airfreight, in cases like these, offers several key benefits including reduced transit time, optimized inventory costs, and increased flexibility.

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