IATA Highlights Key Priorities for Air Cargo in 2024

IATA Highlights Key Priorities for Air Cargo in 2024

By In Industry News On 15th December 2023

In a media presentation at its headquarters in Geneva last week, IATA (International Air Transport Association) identified digitalisation, sustainability, safety, and security as focal points for the air cargo sector in the coming year.

Despite a 3.8% increase in air cargo demand in October, persistent challenges are evident. Economic volatility has ushered in inflation, a less robust trading environment, fluctuating currency rates, and slower GDP growth. There is growing concern regarding the evolution of China's global supply chains.

Brandan Sullivan, the global head of cargo at IATA, emphasised that challenges are not escalating but rather continuing, with a particular focus on the situation in China. He expressed ongoing concerns about the development of China's supply chain, noting that manufacturing companies are 'de-risking' their supply chains.

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