Enhancing Efficiency, Mitigating Risks & Managing Costs in Aviation Logistics

Enhancing Efficiency, Mitigating Risks & Managing Costs in Aviation Logistics

By In Case Studies On 23rd August 2023

The Opportunity:

The demand for aircraft maintenance materials, such as engines and landing gear, has significantly increased with the resumption of flights following the pandemic. This increased demand has presented a golden opportunity for aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) companies, which have witnessed a substantial surge in order volume.

In a shining example of this trend, NNR Global Logistics successfully mitigated potential risks and ensured smooth operations while transporting landing gear from China to Japan.

The Challenge and the Solution:

1. Efficiency:

The primary challenge at hand was how to efficiently manage the transportation of aircraft landing gear. To address this, NNR Global Logistics China and Japan headquarters collaborated closely to develop a logistics solution that would maximise efficiency while meeting the specific requirements of Naha Airport's restricted areas.

2. Efficacy:

Another hurdle was to fulfil a demanding lead time requirement set by the customer. The normal transit time for delivery is three days, with an additional 1-2 working days for special area deliveries. However, the customer required a 72-hour door-to-door lead time with special delivery requirements.

  • NNR addressed this challenge by establishing effective communication with the consignee from the moment instructions were dispatched. This approach streamlined tasks and saved valuable time.
  • By engaging in proactive communication, NNR minimised the risk of delays by ensuring that all necessary tasks were completed promptly.

Additionally, NNR ensured that all essential documents and application procedures were completed before the cargo's arrival, further streamlining the process.

The Result:

Through proactive communication and meticulous planning, NNR achieved the goal of delivering to the special area within the three-day lead time, meeting the customer's expectations. NNR's professional services, including customs clearance and ground coordination, ensured safe and efficient delivery. This resulted in unanimous praise from the customer.

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