Embracing Sustainability and Resilience in a VUCA World

By In Insight On 7th December 2022

After nearly three years of supply chain turmoil, the market is finally seeing logistics costs and delays begin to recede. One might hope we could breathe a sigh of relief, but signs of economic headwinds and the ongoing shift in the geopolitical world demonstrate there is more uncertainty in our future.  

In the late 1980s, the U.S. Army War College coined the term VUCA meaning Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Today, that term can be used to describe the "new normal" of supply chains.    

To survive and thrive in a VUCA environment, companies must adapt to become both sustainable and resilient. Sustainability refers to the current generation's ability to meet their own needs today, while positioning themselves for success in the future. Resilience in supply chains is a system's ability to prepare for threats and absorb impacts, recover, and adapt to ensure we meet obligations now.   


At NNR, we believe our blend of Japanese and American management philosophies positions us well for such a VUCA environment. As evidenced by Nishitetsu's 114-year history, we have a long-term vision and culture focused on balance, stability, and reliability that will sustain us into the future.    

Our American management style empowers our teams to adjust quickly, act entrepreneurially, adopt the latest digital solutions, and create flexible, customized services to meet our customer's evolving needs.   

NNR's long-term, sustainable business philosophy coupled with our resilient teams of empowered professionals are perfectly positioned for a VUCA-future. We are committed to actively managing our business with these complimentary styles to ensure another 100 years of growth supporting our clients and their supply chain needs.

Jeff McDonald

Executive Vice President



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