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Welcome to NNR Wellingborough

Our continued success in delivering World Class solutions, coupled with the high demand for dynamic E-Commerce fulfillment has propelled us to the next stage of our Contract Logistics development, with a brand new distribution centre.

A perfect facility, custom built and with you in mind

With a vast selection of FMCG clients and 'Big Brand' portfolio to satisfy, our vision and strategy plan required a swift investment into E-Commerce and fulfillment. The perfect facility is vital to cater for such operations and so the plans to open a new state-of-the-art logistics complex were formed, 4 years ahead of schedule. The new location provides the environment for our continued success.


SQFT of warehousing capacity


Versatile high-bay pallet positions


SQFT of office space across 2 floors


high security truck & car parking places


levelled docks and ground level doors


World Class inventory management system

A long history of logistics excellence

The world has changed; some things remain constant

Since 1908, our “Connecting your Dreams” philosophy has focused on the belief that we must be innovative, offer extra value and unite societies. With over 18,000 highly trained staff in hundreds of locations, you can be assured of products and services that are customized for you.

Although rich in history, NNR was arguably the first digital forwarder, boasting web-based systems since 2001. NNR continually evolves to produce the best blend of traditional values, complemented by modern technology.

Why outsource warehousing & logistics?

Save time

Managing a logistics centre is seldom easy. It's really easy to burn management time [and therefore money] on reactive Human Resource activity, such as hiring temporary staff cover, discipliniary or grievance matters, organising staff training, meetings and payroll. Add to that the time spent on organising security and rememdial works, dilapidations and warehouse working protocols.

Reduce cost

Self-managed logistics programmes need modern facilities, endless flexibility and large, continual investment. The facility itself is the tip of the iceberg. The cost of Human Resources, Health & Safety,  Training, Security, Warehouse Management Systems, capital equipment, etc, are huge. The opportunity for latecy in operations and over-ordering are also contributing hidden cost factors.

Drive growth

Free-up investment funds to channel into business growth, such as product development, marketing sales and customer service. Better utilise your energy and resources to concentrate on your business and product strengths and weaknesses. Leave the experts to manage services that are wide of your core business strategy and instead, focus on growth, resilience and sustainability.

Deliver delight

As one of our many delighted customers commented recently: "the beauty with NNR is that - I ask - and it's just done. There's no politics and no meetings about resourcing or explaining why we need to go the extra mile on that occasions for the customer in question. I get a later cut-off time and orders can be processed more quickly, especially during peak business periods

FMCG and E-Commerce specialists

Logistics and Supply Chain has changed

Customer demand is high and defining yourself as a world class provider of high quality is essential for sustainable business growth.

Avoid the huge investment, project management, static cost and negative environmental impact by outsourcing. Partnering a specialist with a long-term strategy and a refined approach to relationships will allow you time and money to unlock the full potential of your business.

We support many sectors and products; ranging from Car Batteries to Finshed Vehicles, High Fashion to High Tech, to Flavours & Fragrances and Food. Our special focus being the extra value we provide for Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Integration with online shopping platforms

Seamless cohesion between marketplace specialists

NNR’s fulfilment services connect us with with our customers ERP systems and shopping baskets, offering seamless end to end integration. Providing B2B and B2C customers with additional speed and accuracy, optimizes their performance and perpetuates their growth.

NNR utilize in-house developed Application Programming Interface [API] solutions for seamless integration between our inventory control systems, our customer's systems and E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento as well as online market platforms including Amazon and eBay. Order Information can be exchanged in real-time via our API connections or through batched CSV files via FTP or EDI. The options are flexible and the right choice depends on the complexity and volume of data flow in both directions.

API’s ensure swift exchange of data between systems, saving time and labour cost whilst eliminating manual errors. This also allows us to maximise efficiency and process significantly more volumes of orders on a daily basis - absolutely crucial during peak times.

A perfect location, built with our customer's customer in mind

Wellingborough's easy access to major road networks such as the M1, M6 and M42, provides access to 80% of the UK’s population within a 4 hour drive. With 5 international airports located within 2 hours drive, 3 of these being major air freight terminals, connecting cargo by airfreight is easy.

The UK's major ports including Southampton, Felixstowe and Dover all within 3 hours drive and two major rail freight terminals are located close-by in Daventry and Corby.


The majority of our customers have international transport requirements, whether procuring product from Overseas or delivering to continental customers and therefore good access to ports and airports is essential.

Traditional values with a


Please take 3 minutes to view the modern characteristics, features, advantages and benefits of our new state-of-the-art Contract Logistics complex - with a word from our business leaders too.




"Connecting Your Dreams"

From field to fulfilled.

In the latter part of 2018 it became evident that our continued success would result in our current facility being unable to cater for the demand of our business. With careful planning and a great deal of due-diligence with our Tokyo headquarters, we began the search for a site capable of offering the expansion required. By the beginning of 2019 we signed off on our new facility, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Whilst suffering from delays related to the COVID-19 lockdown and some appalling weather, we moved in during June 2020 and began operations little more than a month later. 

A perfect environment, built with our people in mind

Park developer Prologis recently opened a new outdoor fitness ‘trim trail’ at the park for the benefit of park employees and the local community. The trail features a jogging track and a variety of outdoor fitness equipment, including a stationary bike, monkey bars and equipment for use by those in wheelchairs The verges along the trail have also been seeded with wildflowers, in order to provide a beautiful display of natural colour in Spring of 2021.


Energy efficient with sustainability in mind

Passive design measures reduce operational carbon emissions and the need for energy. These include high levels of airtightness and insulation to reduce potential heat loss. Insulation and cladding specifications are well in excess of Building Regulations, while pressure tests show that air-tightness levels up to 80% better than the statutory requirement can be achieved.

Rooflights on 15% of the warehouse roof area maximise the use of daylight, while optimal orientation takes into account the path of the sun and the prevailing winds. Offices have dual aspect glazing to take advantage of natural daylight and allow for effective passive ventilation. Solar shading also ensures thermal comfort and avoids solar gain. Intelligent lighting with low-energy fluorescent fittings, daylight linking and presence-detecting controls minimise energy consumption. High-efficiency, low-NOX boilers with thermostatically controlled radiators that heat the offices and different parts of the building are sub-metered to help us track and manage energy consumption.

'End-to-end' solutions

Global multi-modal services supporting supply chains

Global Network

Global corporation, with decades of multi-lateral experience.

Creative technology

Global platform supporting all locations and operations

Media coverage

Global organisation with regular media coverage of our group

Delivering confidence, comfort & enjoyment for over 100 years

Here's some more recent innovations!

Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn are a quintessentially British brand, steeped in tradition. With new partnerships and product launches aplenty - and having navigated some choppy waters of recent times - the brand embraces new beginnings and a new supply chain partner.


Enviropack is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of environmentally friendly packaging, offering an unrivaled range of diverse eco-friendly and compostable, biodegradable, recyclable products sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.

Zebra Pen

The Zebra trademark was adopted in 1914. Today the Zebra Pen brand is as unique as the products we sell. Zebra Pen UK offers an extensive line of writing instruments including ballpoint pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, and gel rollers.

Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers FC were formed in 1882. A historic brand and a pragmatic organisation that believes that strategic, stable growth is vital for sustained success; working hard to develop a culture of diversity inclusion and equality.

Why a partnership with NNR?

Financially strong

End-to-End services

Rapid growth support

Plug & Play solutions

E-Commerce platforms

Global One-Stop-Shop

Sustainable logistics

Happy shiny people

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