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Certain Diamonds Require Self-Certification Statement

By In USA Trade Alerts On 28th March 2024

Beginning on March 1, 2024, all US Customs entries that include certain diamonds, diamond jewelry, and unsorted diamonds will require a self-certification statement.  

The self-certification must meet the following criteria

  1. Be provided on official company letterhead in PDF format.
  2. Contain the statement:

For non-industrial diamonds with a weight of 1.0 carat or greater, effective March 1, 2024:

“I certify that the non-industrial diamonds in this shipment were not mined, extracted, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part in the Russian Federation, notwithstanding whether such diamonds have been substantially transformed into other products outside of the Russian Federation.”

For diamond jewelry and unsorted diamonds, effective March 1, 2024:

“I certify that the diamond jewelry and unsorted diamonds in this shipment are not of Russian Federation origin or were not exported from the Russian Federation.”

Only one self-certification document will be required per Entry, Entry Summary or FTZ admission.

Additional information 

CSMS # 59635420 - Executive Order 14068 “Taking Additional Steps with Respect to the Russian Federation’s Harmful Activities” – Guidance on Non-industrial Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry and Unsorted Diamonds.

OFAC determinations

OFAC list of HTSUS subheadings


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