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31 parties added to the BIS Unverified List

By In USA Trade Alerts On 13th October 2022

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) added 31 parties to the Unverified List (UVL). Parties are added when BIS is unable to verify the parties are legitimate and reliable entities. All 31 parties are being added under the destination of the People’s Republic of China.  

The UVL contains the names and addresses of foreign persons who are or have been parties to a transaction involving the export, re-export, or transfer of items subject to the EAR.  

Some of the reasons why BIS may be unable to check the entity include: 

(1) reasons unrelated to the cooperation of the foreign party subject to the end-use check (for example, BIS sometimes initiates end-use checks but is unable to complete them because the foreign party cannot be found at the address indicated on the associated export documents and BIS cannot contact the party by telephone or email);  

(2) reasons related to a lack of cooperation by the host government that fails to schedule and facilitate the completion of an end-use check, for example, by host government agencies’ lack of responses to requests to conduct end-use checks, actions preventing the scheduling of such checks, or refusals to schedule checks in a timely manner; or  

(3) when, during the end-use check, a recipient of items subject to the EAR is unable to produce the items that are the subject of the end-use check for visual inspection or provide sufficient documentation or other evidence to confirm the disposition of the items. 

 For more information including the parties added to the UVL, please refer to the Federal Register Notice 2022-21714


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