August 2022 – Air Market Update

By In Insight On 18th August 2022

Tip of the Month

Inspections have become more stringent with hazardous materials.

Shipper's and supplier's must comply with all IATA rules and regulations when shipping hazardous materials to avoid rejections, additional cost, and the possibility of audits.


Overall, we're seeing many improvements in the air industry with more capacity and less congestion. 

Air Capacity increased with many carriers, especially into Japan and Europe.

Fuel Surcharge is still in flux. On the bright side, some carriers have started decreasing their fee.

Airport Congestion at O’Hare [Chicago] and JFK [New York]continues to improve, but waiting times are still being encountered with some carriers.

Trucking Capacity is improving, translating to more airport pick-up options and faster service.

Market Rates into Europe are softening up. Some carriers are now offering spot rates which have not been the case since COVID started.

Cargo Screening remains a challenge relative to pails and drums.

180- Day Airline Export Privileges Suspension for Aerocargo del Sur Transportation Company, a Venezuela-based cargo airline for violating U.S. export controls with a U.S. origin Boeing aircraft from Mahan Air - Iran's sanctioned airline - and illegally flew that plane between Venezuela, Iran, and Russia.

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