Can NNR PowerNET generate various types of reports?

NNR utilises NNR PowerNET to generate information ranging from simple shipment reports to complex landed cost reporting, providing a comprehensive view of financial and operational aspects. 

What is the significance of NNR PowerNET’s Shipment Tracking solutions?

NNR’s shipment tracking, powered by NNR PowerNET, provides real-time visibility into shipment status, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

How does NNR PowerNET facilitate interaction with customers?

NNR PowerNET powers most interactions with customers, transmitting automated shipment and exception alerts based on pre-agreed criteria.

What is NNR PowerNET?

NNR PowerNET is the proprietary enterprise software developed by NNR. It empowers NNR to address customer needs swiftly by offering highly customised transportation solutions.

Does burning SAF emit CO2?

Yes, burning Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) does produce CO2. However, what’s unique about SAF is the CO2 emitted during combustion is offset by the CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth of the plants used in its production. This cycle results in an approximate 80% reduction in overall CO2 emissions compared to traditional aviation… Continue reading Does burning SAF emit CO2?

Can you elaborate on the innovative software solutions NNR offers?

We heavily invest in proprietary software, empowering your supply chain with tools to enhance service levels, reduce lead times, optimise inventory, and minimise end-to-end costs. Please check out our IT solutions.

How does NNR’s global IT excellence impact real-time information flow?

NNR’s robust IT infrastructure ensures the seamless flow of real-time information across our global network, enhancing operational efficiency.

Why choose NNR for advanced IT solutions?

Centralised implementation, management, and monitoring of global data interchanges. Support for integration points from initial purchase order to final invoicing and freight payments as well as structured project management methodology for swift deliverables.

What sets NNR’s global web-based IT infrastructure apart?

Why should I opt for customised IT solutions?

Our customers are unique, and so are the supply chains. NNR recognises the need for tailored IT solutions to fit your specific operations.

How can I track the progress of my livestock during transportation?

We provide real-time tracking and updates on the progress of your livestock during transportation. Our team ensures transparent communication and keeps you informed every step of the way, offering peace of mind throughout the journey.

How does the NNR Connect system work for seamless tracking?

Our innovative NNR Connect interface provides 24/7 tracking worldwide. Built on our IoT platform, it ensures maximum visibility, real-time updates, and condition monitoring, both for your products and the information related to their transit.

Can NNR integrate its technology with its customers’ for real-time inventory data / order status details?

NNR’s unique software platform and custom-designed middleware can be configured to interact with the widest variety of systems. NNR’s technology and programming team design our systems to be compatible with many platforms.

Can I track my air cargo shipments online?

Yes, we offer online booking and tracking services, providing real-time updates on the status and location of your shipments via our NNR Connect.

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