How do personal choices impact CO2 emissions?

According to the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, using your own bottle 100 times results in lower CO2 emissions per use compared to plastic cups, paper cups, and PET bottles. This calculation `considers the entire life cycle, including disposal.

What about the environmental impact of CO2 absorption?

It takes a significant effort from nature – approximately 71 cedar trees – to absorb the same amount of CO2 emitted in one year.

Can you provide a visual perspective on 1 ton of CO2?

Certainly! In terms of volume, 1 ton of CO2 is equivalent to the volume of a 25m swimming pool.

What is SAF?

SAF is an acronym for “Sustainable Aviation Fuel”. It’s not conventional oil extracted from oil fields; instead, it refers to renewable and permanently usable aircraft fuel. SAF is produced from various sources, including municipal garbage, waste wood, ethanol, and more. One of the most common methods involves utilising waste cooking oil and vegetable oil in… Continue reading What is SAF?

How does NNR contribute to cost and carbon reduction in freight transport?

NNR’s services are designed to minimise costs and carbon consumption associated with direct air freight, providing sustainable alternatives for a greener logistics solution.

How does NNR address environmental sustainability in ocean freight?

NNR is committed to sustainability. We explore eco-friendly shipping options, adhere to emission regulations, and actively seek ways to minimise our environmental impact in ocean freight operations.

What role does sustainability play in your logistics services, considering the increasing emphasis on environmental regulations in the aerospace sector?

Sustainability is a core aspect of our logistics approach, aligning with eco-friendly practices to meet environmental regulations and contribute to a greener future.

How do NNR address sustainability concerns?

NNR is committed to addressing sustainability concerns by incorporating eco-friendly practices and reducing carbon footprints in our logistics solutions by employing energy-efficient technologies, optimising transport routes, and collaborating with partners who share our commitment to environmental responsibility.

How does NNR contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Explore NNR’s commitment to societal contributions, community development, and adherence to ethical business practices, as outlined here.

What is NNR’s approach to environmental responsibility and sustainability?

Learn about NNR’s initiatives, including ISO14001 standards, environmental goals, and efforts to reduce the environmental impact of operations here.

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