How do personal choices impact CO2 emissions?

According to the Japanese Ministry of Environment, using your own bottle 100 times results in lower CO2 emissions per use compared to plastic cups, paper cups, and PET bottles. This calculation considers the entire life cycle, including disposal.

How can businesses optimise their multimodal transport operations with NNR?

NNR helps businesses battle changes in fuel costs, container availability, shipping rates, and sustainability concerns by offering solutions like consolidating loads and optimising delivery routes.

What challenges are associated with multimodal freight?

Challenges include the need for skilled personnel, technology orchestration, and concerns about underdeveloped transport networks. Outsourcing to a single point of reference, like NNR, can address these efficiently.

What transport modes does NNR integrate into its multimodal services?

NNR seamlessly integrates road, rail, air, and sea to create a personalised transport model for your shipments, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Can you handle personal effects, such as household goods and personal belongings, for transportation across international borders?

We can handle personal effects for existing customers’ staff. However, our policy prohibits

How does NNR handle disruptions or delays in ocean shipments?

In the event of uncontrollable disruptions or delays, we proactively communicate with customers and leverage our global network to find alternative solutions, ensuring minimal impact on your supply chain.

How does NNR handle oversized or special cargo in ocean freight?

NNR has extensive experience in handling oversized or special cargo. Our experts can provide tailored solutions to ensure the safe and secure transport of unique shipments.

What sets NNR’s global web-based IT infrastructure apart?

Do you provide insurance coverage for livestock during transportation?

Yes, comprehensive insurance coverage is provided for all livestock shipments. This coverage offers peace of mind to our clients in case of any unexpected events or incidents during transit.

How do you handle emergencies or unforeseen incidents during transportation?

Our team is trained to handle emergencies effectively, with established protocols in place for prompt response. We also maintain constant communication with our clients and have contingency plans in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Are your vehicles equipped for transporting livestock safely?

Yes, we use specialist vehicles designed specifically for transporting livestock. These vehicles are equipped with features to ensure the safety and well-being of animals during transit, including temperature control and adequate ventilation.

What measures do you take to minimise stress for animals during transportation?

We prioritize minimising stress for animals by providing comfortable conditions, ensuring ample space, and avoiding overcrowding. Our experienced team also employs handling techniques to reduce anxiety during transit.

Do you offer international transport for livestock?

Yes, we specialise in both local and international transport of livestock. Whether you’re transporting animals within your country* or across borders, we have the logistics expertise and network to support you wherever your animals need to go. *Please note that limitations could apply. We recommend inquiring about specific locations to ensure the feasibility.

How do you ensure the safety and well-being of the animals during transport?

We ensure the safety and well-being of animals by using specialised knowledge and experience. Our team closely monitors conditions, provides comfortable transport environments, and adheres to strict animal welfare guidelines. 

Are your animal transport services cruelty-free and compliant with animal welfare regulations?

Yes, we prioritise the welfare and safety of animals during transportation. Our services are designed to be cruelty-free and compliant with all relevant animal welfare regulations.

Can NNR handle dangerous goods and projects in compliance to regulations?

Absolutely. We specialise in handling dangerous goods and projects, ensuring full compliance with regulations. Our experienced team takes care of all aspects, allowing you to focus on your business.

What steps do you take to navigate through regulations and ensure compliance?

Our dedicated team manages customs clearances and compliance checks, ensuring your shipments smoothly sail through the regulatory maze. We can handle most legal aspects, giving you peace of mind.

How can NNR help with time-sensitive shipments?

In the fast-paced industrial world, timing is crucial. We take charge of coordinating shipments, managing logistics, and ensuring timely deliveries. Let us handle the headaches, so your goods arrive precisely when they need to.

How do you ensure the safety of sensitive and oversized equipment during transportation?

Our team leverages the latest transportation engineering advancements and a network of trusted carriers. We specialise in secure packaging and handling, ensuring the safe transit of valuable and sensitive equipment.

How can NNR simplify complexities across the entire healthcare supply chain?

NNR provides end-to-end supply chain solutions, from clinical trial support to time-sensitive product launches, simplifying complexities and ensuring seamless operations.

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