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The Comedown: Freight Pricing caught in Global Turbulence

Pre-pandemic, the average global price to ship a container hovered around $1,500. By the end of 2020, prices began to skyrocket, peaking that September at over seven times that amount. Today, a significant course correction is underway, leaving us with some important questions. Earlier this year, pricing reached an inflection point. Many supply chain bottlenecks began

Converting Your Supply Chain to OmniChannel from Multichannel Distribution 

Omnichannel is a buzzword that has been around for more than a decade. Omnichannel appears in many presentations, but some customers struggle to define both their omnichannel strategy and the services they require.What is OmniChannel? Let us define an omnichannel distribution network versus a multichannel network. A company relying on multichannel distribution is deploying multiple partners

September 2022 - Air Market Update

Improvement continues in the air industry, including some decreases in fuel surcharges and shortened cargo handling wait times.  

Oncoming Train - Potential Rail Strike in Question

Just when you think things may return to normal, there’s another surprise around the corner.

September 2022 - Ocean Market Update

This year we are not experiencing the traditional peak season. The shift in consumer spending on services, inflation, and inventory corrections may be taking place.

NNR Opens Fukuoka Logistics Center

NNR Japan opens its latest Logistics Center in Fukuoka.

The Latest on California's AB5

When the Supreme Court denied hearing the appeal of California AB5, the lower court lifted the stay, and it was assumed that the law would go into effect. AB5 is a 2020 California Law meant to reclassify independent contractors into employees.However, the California Trucking Association’s (CTA) argument that the Federal Administrations Authorization Act (F4A) preempts

Export Sanctions, it’s Iran’s turn in the limelight!

Iran is now in the news for two recent SDN list incidents.

Trade Lane Insight: Transloading Ocean Freight in Mexico

Learn more about shipping from Japan to the USA, going through Mexico.


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