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Our Subject Matter Experts provide insight into the global supply chain. 

Supply Chain Optimization

By leveraging historical sales data, market trends, weather patterns, and other relevant factors, AI can make more accurate predictions about future demand and more.

May 2023 - Market Update

The WHO officially ended the global emergency status for Covid. The market continues to stabilize. On the West Coast, the ILWU & PMA is moving in a positive direction, while the Panama Canal experiences drought challenges. Read today for more details.

AI is a Game Changer

AI is already having a significant impact on warehouse management and transportation management. As AI continues to evolve and become more advanced, its potential impact on supply chain management is only going to increase.

Keep your Vessel Manifest Data Confidential 

Manifest data contains clues about your suppliers, products, and supply chain. Learn how you can protect your business by requesting confidentiality from U.S. Customs.

April 2023 - Market Update

Japan’s Golden Week is approaching at the end of the month. The air market continues to stabilize and the spotlight shines on U.S. West Coast labor negotiations. Read More.

Hedging CO2 Emissions with Hybrid Air Export Solution from Osaka Japan

Reduce CO2 emissions on air export shipments from Osaka to international destinations via Tokyo using our new rail service. Sound intriguing? Read to learn more!

De Minimis: Duty-Free Imports Valued at $800 or Less

Import low-value goods duty and tax free, legally. Learn more.

Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Placing a high interest on corporate compliance programs, our experts want to help keep you safe and point out concerns you should keep in mind.

Green Warehousing

Transitioning to more sustainable products and materials can be pricey. As some may think it is impossible, our experts share the benefits and longevity it can provide for businesses.


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