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January 2023 - Market Update

2023 is starting in better condition than last year. Pockets of congestion exist for air and ocean depending on origins and destinations. Learn More.

Mexico: Crossborder Freight Still Carries a Risk

Freight movement into and out of Mexico is still a daunting proposition for shippers. Cargo theft is on the rise. Learn More.

Column 2: The United States Strategic Weapon of Trade

Column 2 is an often overlooked yet critical component of the United States Trade Policy. But what is Column 2 exactly? What are the consequences of joining this list? And how did this Cold War Era policy become a powerful economic weapon of deterrence in the 21st Century?

Supply Chain disruptions. The outlook for 2023?

We just completed a year of significant disruptions, Read our 2023 Outlook.

Top Trade Topics to Watch in 2023

To say this year has been boring for the trade compliance world would be an understatement. Here are top trade compliance topics to watch in 2023!

December 2022 - Ocean Market Update

The demand for cargo continues to fall across all trade lanes, and volumes are below pre-pandemic levels.

More US Export Controls on China in the Future?

American competitiveness will be under threat in several key technology areas in the next decade. Will more export controls come into play?

Embracing Sustainability and Resilience in a VUCA World

Jeff McDonald, Vice President, NNR USA, discusses today’s VUCA world and NNRs preparedness for a sustainable future.

December 2022 - Air Market Update

Air Freight remains enigmatic, highly affected by geopolitics, and without strong, consistent rate movement in one particular direction.


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