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Trade with Canada is Booming, New Crossing Point Available in 2024

The Gordie Howe Bridge between Detroit and Windsor will add crossing capacity to the Northern Border.

Dealing with the Fallout of a Carrier Bankruptcy

Multiple businesses have filed for bankruptcy. Read how a freight carrier’s bankruptcy can impact shippers and how to avoid this heavy impact.

August 2023 - Market Update

Read the latest update on the Trans-Pacific East bound, ILWU Canada update, and the Panama Canal shipping transit.

July 2023 - Market Update

Check out this month’s latest updates on the ILWU & PMA agreement, the Canadian West Coast Strike, and the Panama Canal.

The Road to Net-Zero: CBP’s Green Trade Strategy

Green trade enforced at the border will become more prominent as countries look for ways to incentivize emission reduction. The U.S. is targeting net-zero emissions by 2050. U.S. Customs recently hosted a Green Trade Forum where government and industry leaders shared ideas about what green trade may look like in the future.

The Potential Implications of a UPS Strike

UPS and the international Brotherhood of Teamsters Union may possibly begin a protest next month. A strike can unpack a downward spiral for various supply chains and customers.

June 2023 - Market Update

The international freight industry continues to normalize. Labor unrest continues to be the most significant cause of disruption.

Unlock the Benefits: Sign Up for a U.S. Customs ACE Portal Account Today

Importers can manage risk and improve trade compliance with the features found in the ACE Portal.

Potential Supply Chain Challenges

Regarding the Panama Canal restrictions, we acknowledge the challenges posed by the severe drought season. We will work closely with our clients and transpacific carriers to navigate the situation.


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