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Measuring Warehouse Performance

As 2022 quickly comes to a close, companies plan for next year. Third-party warehouses and their customers need a set of performance metrics (KPIs) to establish the performance of their warehouses.  Here’s a list of the major categories to discuss with your provider: Fulfillment: One of the most important metrics to agree on are the fulfillment metrics.

November 2022 - Ocean Market Update

Tip of the MonthWe suggest booking a couple of weeks in advance and avoid routing cargo via congested ports, if possible, to avoid delays in delivery.VIEW U.S. PORT & RAIL STATUSThe decline of ocean volumes from Asia to the USA will likely continue for the rest of the year. Lower demand may help normalize rates.

November 2022 - Air Market Update

Tip of the MonthCargo screening issues are ongoing for drums. Ensure your freight conforms with chosen airlines’ requirements before tendering cargo.Importers should adjust their scheduling whenever possible by adding one day to account for potentially long airport recovery wait times. Residual effects of the pandemic persist, but the Air Freight market continues to show signs of

What is a TIB? Temporary Importation Under Bond

If you are temporarily bringing goods into the U.S., you may wonder if there is a way to avoid paying duty. A special type of customs entry called a Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB) allows importers to bring certain goods into the U.S. duty-free for up to 3 years. 

November 2022 Global Trade - Market Update

It’s hard to believe that only nine months ago, global trade was struggling to keep pace with demand, and the carriers were able to charge freight rates that were often 10 x higher than pre-Covid levels. Everyone, primarily the consumer, witnessed the results as prices of all goods went up exponentially.Fast forward, the market has

October 2022 Air Market Update

The air peak season is expected to be muted this year as retailers prepare early for the holiday shopping season. Overall, space, pricing, and transit times remain reliable and stable, with some exceptions. Residual congestion persists at major hubs.

October 2022 Ocean Market Update

We are starting to see fewer delays and bottlenecks in the container market. Experts are predicting a market normalization by Q1- 2023. If normalization occurs, equipment and space will be easier to come by, and congestion will be rare and minimal.

The Comedown: Freight Pricing caught in Global Turbulence

Pre-pandemic, the average global price to ship a container hovered around $1,500. By the end of 2020, prices began to skyrocket, peaking that September at over seven times that amount. Today, a significant course correction is underway, leaving us with some important questions. Earlier this year, pricing reached an inflection point. Many supply chain bottlenecks began

Converting Your Supply Chain to OmniChannel from Multichannel Distribution 

Omnichannel is a buzzword that has been around for more than a decade. Omnichannel appears in many presentations, but some customers struggle to define both their omnichannel strategy and the services they require.What is OmniChannel? Let us define an omnichannel distribution network versus a multichannel network. A company relying on multichannel distribution is deploying multiple partners


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