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The air cargo flow at Europe's key hubs has yet to reach its pre-pandemic levels

Air cargo volumes at several of Europe's major hubs remain much lower than pre-pandemic levels, indicating a stagnant market or, at best, a slow recovery.[...]

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HMRC Revises Approach: UK Exports to Transition to CDS System in Phases

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has introduced an innovative and phased strategy for businesses transitioning their export declarations to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), marking a significant advancement in customs procedures.[...]

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Germany and Italy invest to shift cargo from road to rail.

European governments are heavily investing in rail projects, with both Germany and Italy recently announcing substantial investment and subsidies aimed at shifting freight transportation from roads to railways.[...]

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Beyond Football: QPR’s Tiger Cubs join forces with NNR Global Logistics

In London, UK, NNR Global Logistics have been revealed as the front-of-shirt sponsor for the remarkable Tiger Cubs, a football team for young people with Down's syndrome that proudly represents QPR.[...]

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Tata Group to construct £4 Billion EV Battery Gigafactory in the UK

Tata Group recently announced plans for a new multibillion-pound electric car battery factory constructed in the United Kingdom, marking one of the biggest investments made so far in the UK automotive sector.[...]

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FuelEU Maritime Initiative: Council adopts new law to decarbonise the maritime sector

The European Council has officially adopted the eagerly awaited FuelEU marine initiative, signalling a far more decisive effort to reduce ship emissions than any agreement agreed reached at the IMO this month.[...]

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): Bridging the price gap remains a significant and daunting challenge

The industry is aware of the multiple challenges that sustainable aviation entails.[...]

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A Stellar Addition: Mr. Yuta Shitara, Long-Distance Runner, Teams Up with NNR for a Winning Combination

We are absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news of Mr. Yuta Shitara, one of Japan's most accomplished long-distance runners, joining our esteemed Nishitetsu Athletic Club on July 1st, 2023.[...]

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Climate Change: Turbulent Times for Air Cargo

Climate change is causing severe turbulence on one of the world’s busiest flying routes, according to DC Velocity.[...]

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