Keep your Vessel Manifest Data Confidential 

By In Insight On 11th May 2023

Did you know your ocean manifest data is available to the public upon request?  It’s true. 

The data is valuable too. We see third-party database providers mine this data and sell it to interested parties.  Manifest data can provide your competition or “bad actors” with critical supplier info, including shipping volumes, commodity info, and supply chain movement. 

Fortunately, U.S. Customs allows importers and shippers (exporters) to keep their name and address confidential, essentially hiding valuable information. 

U.S. Customs calls the programVessel Manifest Confidentiality

Importers may request Customs to keep their name and address confidential on inward manifests and the name and address of the shipper or shippers to such importer or consignee. 

Shippers (exporters) may request confidential treatment of their name and address in an outward manifest. 

Confidentiality is valid for two (2) years from the date the request is processed and covers all ports of entry. Renewal requests should be made at least 60-90 days prior to the expiration of the current approval. 

Keeping your vessel manifest data confidential has never been easier.  Importers or Shippers may make the request directly to U.S. Customs, or enlist the assistance of a customs broker or attorney.  

Requesting confidentiality is a smart decision that can help protect your business and your shipments. 

Manifest Data Elements Available To The Public Upon Request 

  1. Carrier code, Vessel country code, Vessel name, Voyage number  
  2. District/port of unlading  
  3. Estimated arrival date 
  4. Bill of lading number  
  5. Foreign port of lading  
  6. Manifest quantity and units 
  7. Weight and unit  
  8. Shipper name and address*  
  9. Consignee name and address*  
  10. Notify party name and address*  
  11. Piece count  
  12. Description of goods  
  13. Container number and Seal number 

* Data elements that may be kept confidential 

We can help you obtain Vessel Manifest Confidentiality.

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