Trends in Product Packaging

By In Insight On 9th March 2023

Packaging plays an important role in today's supply chain.

Using the right packaging, you can market your brand, protect your product, and leave a lasting impression on the consumer. 

Five Points to Consider when Selecting Packaging


1. Sustainability

Reduce your environmental impact by adopting sustainable packaging solutions. You can use recyclable materials, reduce waste, and minimize carbon emissions.

2. Automation

Automated packaging systems are becoming increasingly popular in warehouses. System types can include automated palletizers, case sealers, and stretch wrappers, increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

3. Smaller Packages

As e-commerce grows, there is a trend towards smaller and lighter packages that can be shipped more efficiently. This requires new packaging solutions that can protect products while using less material.

4. Customization

Many companies now offer customized packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers. This can include personalized branding, unique shapes and sizes, and custom printing.

5. Verifiable

As e-commerce increases, many consumers buy counterfeit products. As reported in 2020, Amazon blocked 10 billion attempts in counterfeit listings and destroyed 2 million products. More companies are transitioning to tamper-resistant packaging and adding QR codes to their labels to protect their customers from these attempts.

At NNR Global Logistics, we offer various packaging options to protect and market your brand. Ask about our QR code and kitting services!

Tim Curran

National Business Development Manager - Supply Chain 



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