December 2022 – Air Market Update

By In Insight On 7th December 2022

Air Freight remains enigmatic, highly affected by geopolitics, and without strong, consistent rate movement in one particular direction.

  • Airlines are continuing to add international routes and flights.  
  • Air Export market is softening, with some carriers seeking freight to specific destinations.
  • Rates to Asia are still high, and recent lockdowns are causing concern; however, the recent news of China's relaxation of zero-COVID rule is positive.
  • End-of-Year Shipping Rush begins with many companies shutting down for their scheduled winter break.  

Airport Notables

  • Chicago reports that O’Hare wait times are improving, but that may change as the end of the year approaches.  
  • Cincinnati is reporting airport backups in Singapore (SIN), Delhi (DEL), and Malaysia (KUL.)  
  • Los Angeles is reporting that space is still a bit tight to Mexico, while space to Brazil has opened recently with improving transit times. Flights to Europe and Asia have reliable transit times, with space generally available.  
  • San Francisco is seeing some lift into San Jose, Costa Rica, and light import delays. 

Tip of the Month

December holidays mean business closures at different times globally. Make sure to consider this in your transit times.

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