November 2022 – Air Market Update

By In Insight On 17th November 2022

Tip of the Month

Cargo screening issues are ongoing for drums. Ensure your freight conforms with chosen airlines' requirements before tendering cargo.

Importers should adjust their scheduling whenever possible by adding one day to account for potentially long airport recovery wait times.


Residual effects of the pandemic persist, but the Air Freight market continues to show signs of improvement coming into the holiday season.  

  • Chicago O'Hare wait times are beginning to stabilize, although some carriers are still experiencing moderate congestion.  
  • Buy rates to certain destinations are stabilizing but are still higher than pre-COVID.  
  • Workforce issues carried over from the pandemic continue to cause long wait times for cargo recovery in Atlanta. These wait times have resulted in LTL carriers often discontinuing airport pickup services altogether. Atlanta also reports good availability of space on flights.  
  • New York reports that freighter service availability is growing at JFK, with EVA resuming four freighters per week and China Cargo soon resuming their service.  
  • Los Angeles reports that LAX to Europe and Asia transit times remain smooth with available space. Congestion is still present there when tendering and picking up cargo.  
  • San Francisco reports reduced recovery delays for Imports. Export routings are generally moving as scheduled and transit times in November look normal.  
  • With winter approaching, Swiss World Cargo has begun offering their passenger planes as cargo charters, selling both "full belly" and co-load opportunities for lower deck cargo, with no passengers on the main deck.  
  • While many lanes are freeing up, we still see backlogs in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, India, and Malaysia.

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