ACE Portal: Tracking Refunds and Courtesy Notices from CBP

ACE Portal: Tracking Refunds and Courtesy Notices from CBP

By In USA Trade Alerts On 25th August 2022

There are two critical updates for importers who are ACE Portal users.

  1. Refund tracking is now available.
  2. Courtesy notices of 'Requests for Information' or 'Notices of Action' are no longer being sent to customs brokers unless the importer declares the customs broker in the ACE Portal.

Refund Tracking

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is implementing new functionality in the ACE Portal to enhance refund management.

Effective August 29, 2022, ACE Portal users can track their outstanding refund status and history.

Tracking will be available for refunds issued after August 29 on the ACE Secure Data Portal.

Reference: CSMS # 53057883 - Reminder: Information on the Deployment of ACE Collections - Release 6 Refunds

Courtesy Notices No Longer Automatically Issued to Customs Brokers

Importers with ACE Portal Accounts must list their Customs Broker in their ACE Portal account if they would like their broker to receive courtesy copies of CBP Forms 28, 29, and 4647s.

Customs brokers often assist with responses and communication between the importer and U.S. Customs.

Previously, U.S. Customs would send the customs broker a courtesy notice.

Importers must respond timely to these notices.

Customs Forms Subject to this Change

  • CBP Form 28 - Request for Information
  • CBP Form 29 - Notice of Action
  • CBP Form 4647 - Notice to Mark and/or Redeliver

Reference: CSMS #52984667 - Forms Courtesy Notice for Filers

For more information about the ACE Portal, visit CBP's webpage on Getting Started with CBP Automated System

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