How Current is Your Distribution Center?

How Current is Your Distribution Center?

By In Insight On 12th May 2022

The rapid pace of change in technology, supply chain capacity issues, and customer expectations have changed the role of the modern distribution center.


Today, it is no longer enough to have your distribution center situated close to your suppliers or customers. Organizations should consider their strategy when they look at their portfolio of distribution centers.

  • Does the building offer sufficient dock doors?
  • Is trailer storage available on-site?
  • How much vertical space can be utilized to develop the greatest cube?
  • Can the physical plant meet the demands of all the devices that will be putting stress on the building?


A recent article in Freightwaves pointed out that 86% of U.S. warehouse inventory is approaching middle age, with the average building age nearly 42 years old. These older buildings fall short in many areas, with ceiling height under 32’ high, inadequate trailer storage, too few dock doors, and obsolete floor slabs.

The workarounds for an aging building are expensive and tend to be labor-intensive.

The question supply chain leaders should be examining is, as margins tighten and more efficiency is expected, is my current facility a help or a hindrance to success?

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