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APHIS Veterinary Services Permit Applications

By In USA Trade Alerts On 19th May 2022

Effective May 31, 2022, APHIS Veterinary Services (VS) will require submission of all new and renewal permit applications for live animals and animal products, organisms, and vectors - via the APHIS eFile system.

New permit applicants can create an APHIS eFile account here. Additional information for setting up an account may be viewed under eFile training here.

The eFile VS Permitting Assistant (VSPA) determines movement requirements and prompts applicants to obtain the required documentation and/or apply for permits. All applicants must use the VSPA to start the permit application. Additionally, applicants with existing VS 16-6 permits must renew them using the VSPA to select materials that match the existing permit.

For help with the application process, please see the written guidance and "How-To" videos under the "Veterinary Services" section - here.

As for amendments to existing permits, applicants must request those changes in the system the permits exist (i.e., ePermits or eFile). All permits in the ePermits system will remain valid until they expire.


Information from CSMS #51819834

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