Mexico is the Top U.S. Trading Partner in February

By In Insight On 14th April 2022

Trade with Mexico grew by 19% over February 2021.

$56.25 billion of trade passed through the U.S.-Mexico border. Canadian trade came in second at $56.2 billion. China rounded out the top three with $53.9 billion. In February 2022, these three trading partners saw an increase of 17% over February 2021.

Transportation providers are developing new solutions every month to streamline the cross-border process. An example of this is the legislation passed through the U.S. Congress trade committees, allowing truck brokers to be eligible for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification. C-TPAT focuses on international supply-chain security, providing members with benefits like fewer custom exams and faster border crossings. Previously, non-asset-based 3PLs were not eligible for the coveted certification.

A pilot program rolls out later this month.

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