Canadian Trucker Strike Ends

By In Insight On 17th February 2022

In November 2021, the government of Canada announced effective Jan 15, 2022, all unvaccinated Canadian truckers returning from the United States must undergo a Covid-19 test and quarantine themselves until they receive their results. This vaccine mandate for all truckers crossing the USA-Canadian border went into place on Jan 15. The United States implemented a similar policy on Jan 22, 2022.


These actions spurred activists, who then formed the freedom convoy in the Canadian prairies and began their drive toward the Canadian capital of Ottawa. Despite reports of thousands of trucks, the original convoy consisted of 113 semis and 276 personal vehicles. They were joined by other groups and set up a camp in downtown Ottawa. In early February, the truckers began blocking key ports of entry into the USA. The automotive industry has felt the greatest impact as some production facilities in Michigan and Ontario began planning to work reduced hours or were forced to close.


90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated, and the group leading the blockades has expanded its list of demands, including the resignation of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. This protest has morphed into an anti-establishment blockade, and there is no clear path to a resolution.


However, Canadian courts began ruling against the truckers. The blockade of the bridges and border crossings has ended for the time being but can restart.


This protest has exposed the fragility of the supply chain since the short closure of the Ambassador Bridge and two border crossings in Alberta and Manitoba. Some analysts calculate the cost of the Ambassador bridge at $13 million an hour.

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