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USDA APHIS Lacey Act Phase VI Implementation Could Start July 1st

By In USA Trade Alerts On 24th June 2021

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has not verified the start date for Phase VI of the Lacey Act, but it could be as soon as July 1st, 2021. A Federal Register Notice will be published once the start date is determined.
The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency (APHIS) Lacey Act requires an additional declaration for the import of certain plant material products.

Planned Phase VI Harmonized Tariff Schedule Numbers
Ch. 33 Headings (Essential Oils)
  • 3301295109-essential oils of cedarwood
  • 3301295121-essential oils of linaloe or bois de rose
  • 3301295139-essential oils of sandalwood
 Ch. 42 Headings (Trunks, Cases, Suitcases)
  • 4202292000-trunks, cases, and suitcases of wood
  • 4202992000-other, of wood, not lined
  • 4202993000-other, of wood, lined
 Ch. 44 Headings (Wood and Articles of Wood)
  • 441012-oriented strand board (OSB)
  • 4415-cases, boxes, crates, drums, containers, pallets, box-pallets, etc.
 Ch. 92 Headings (Musical Instruments)
  • 9205902000-wind musical instruments: bagpipes
  • 9205904020-clarinets
  • 9205904080-other (woodwind instruments)
  • 9205904060-flutes and piccolos
  • 9206002000-drums
  • 9207900040-musical instruments (fretted string instruments)
  • 9209.92-parts and accessories for musical instruments of heading 9202
  • 9209992000-parts and accessories for bagpipes
  • 9209994040-parts and accessories for other woodwind instruments
  • 9209998000-other, other
 Ch. 96 Headings (Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles)
  • 9620005500-monopods, bipods, tripods, and similar articles of wood
For more information about the Lacey Act, refer to the USDA APHIS webpage.

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