BREXIT - preparing for the unknown

BREXIT: Are you ready?

By In Uncategorised On 21st February 2019

NNR UK  [Region3] – circular on how to best prepare for the unknown.

October 2018 was originally the deadline set by the EU for the agreement of the withdrawal, allowing enough time for the formal agreement to be in place. That date of course, has passed with no conclusion therefore all need to prepare well and be agile. If an agreement between the UK and the EU is not in place, which seems likely, trade would come under the governance of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The result will be that HM Revenue and Customs checks and tariffs will be imposed.

HM Revenue and Customs in the UK recently published a paper to advise Traders on how to prepare for a ‘No Deal Brexit’. Whilst the picture remains distinctly unclear, NNR would like to make recommendations on what to have in place prior to March 29th 2019.

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